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University of Murcia (ES)


The University of Murcia, situated in this south-eastern area of Spain of the same name, can trace its roots back to the 13th century and the reign of Alfonso X the Wise. Through the centuries it has been founded and re-founded before finally coming into its own in the early nineteen thirties. It is a university which has wrought to blend the traditional with the modern, the historical with the contemporary, and the past with the present. Which is why it has responded successfully to the demands of each period.

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February 2008: 4-weeks hands-on experiments with students of secondary schools

During four weeks up to five hundred students from 24 schools comes to the university for hands-on experiments. One session is dedicated to perform low-tech and high-tech SUPERCOMET experiences introducing basic aspect of electromagnetism and superconductors.

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February 2006: Science Fair

During three days hundred students, teachers and people from the Region of Murcia came to the Science Fair at Lorca.

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The folowing people participate in the project SUPERCOMET 2 as members of the group of the University of Murcia :




José M. Zamarro

Project coordinator and scientific responsible

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Francisco Esquembre

Scientific responsible

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Francisco Martínez


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María Paz Prendes


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Lucía Amorós

Evaluation, translation and responsible for Gender Equality




Luisa María Fernández Evaluation and translation