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Projects approved for funding

So far we have been very lucky; all our project proposals have been awarded with funding.

SUPERCOMET (2001-2004)

The SUPERCOMET project, building on the Superlab project, developed prototypes for the Teacher Seminar, Teacher Guide and Learning Application with animations.

SUPERCOMET 2 (2004-2007)

The SUPERCOMET 2 project tested these products, improved and expanded them further into full resources. In addition the project explored possibilities for developing kits of experimental materials for hands-on activities in the Teacher Seminar, connected with the animations. Connections to modelling and online collaboration were also considered.

MOSEM (2007-2010)

The MOSEM project builds on the idea from SUPERCOMET 2 and develops Minds-On Kits with experimental materials connected with the learning application e-modules, described in an updated version of the Teacher Seminar and Teacher Guide, along with other support materials - especially videos of each experiment - which again links to the animations in the learning application.