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Project plans for the future

Our plans are to submit proposals for one new project each year, in order to get synergy effects between the different partnerships working on the different topics covered by each project. The first proposal mentioned here, for MOSEM 2, will be submitted in March 2008.

MOSEM 2 (2008-2010)

The MOSEM 2 project also draws on the discussion in SUPERCOMET 2 - this project will focus on the use of modelling and data collection in physics education, and link this general topic to the more specific topics and materials developed in our range of projects. Currently a lot of modelling approaches and materials focus on mechanics, as this is easiest to model both mathematically and conceptually. We wish to take a step further and concentrate on electromagnetism, and not only that, but also attempt to model some of the experiments involving superconductors - however with an inkling towards mechanics and conventional electromagnetism.

Physible (2009-2011)

The Physible project stems from the last of the three "spinoff ideas" from SUPERCOMET 2 - namely an online community of teachers across the European borders collaborating in order to increase the use of good ICT tools and pupil-active learning methods in physics education. The objective of this project will be widespread dissemination and valorisation of the materials developed in the previous projects.

SUPERCOMET 3 (2010-2012)

Finally, the SUPERCOMET 3 project will expand the scope of our efforts from the current group of 15 partner countries to the remaining countries in Europe, facilitating translations and adaptations of the materials followed by testing and including new countries, schools and teachers in the online community.