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DPB Antwerpen

The DPB Antwerpen is a coaching organisation for schools. It helps directors and teachers in their daily professional tasks.

The main mission of each DPB is “offering professional support for organisations caring for quality in their educational project”. It is a service for directors of schools to enhance additional competences in a wide variety of fields

This support aims at:

- the teacher in the class room. A specialist in each discipline assists with curriculum matters, content, methodology, educational materials, planning and general information.

- the people on the intermediate level in each school: coordinators, mentors, student coaches and other people with special tasks. The DPB develops and disseminates strategies and action plans for each specific task.

- directors of schools. The DPB assists with administration, human resources and planning

- the school communities. Each community gets a coach who helps to solve all kinds of issues.

The DPB is engaged in the MOSEM and MOSEM² projects as dissemination partner.

Website:,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL (only Dutch)


The director of this organisation is Jan Baeten.