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PONTOn stands for Promotion & Support of Education in Natural Sciences.

It is a small sized non-governmental non profit organisation.

Its board and management consist of people who are highly engaged in education on all levels ( primary schools, secondary schools and post secondary teacher education, so for students from 4-20 years old) and all approaches: teachers, curriculum makers, teacher coaches, lectors in scientific disciplines etc. The organisation seeks to take initiatives which are almost impossible within existing structures and that meet defined needs in education in Flanders.

At the moment PONTOn mainly is offering teacher trainings specifically aimed at training experimental skills of teachers.

PONTOn participates both in the MOSEM project (as work package leader for valorisation) and in the MOSEM² project as work package leader for teacher seminar and valorisation.

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Wim Peeters Project responsible
Patrick Walravens Teacher trainings

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