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Geo Milev English Language School (BG)

Partner in the SUPERCOMET 2 project

The English Language School "Geo Milev" is an heir of French School in which nuns used to teach young trench girls from rich families.

In 1963 a Polytechnical school with forsced English studying was opened.In the summer of 1965 the school was set up in a new building in the Park of Youth. From 1984/1985 two new classes with forsed studying of French were opened. In 1984 students also started learning German. Since 1976 the English Language School has become a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools.

Nowadays English is studied as a main language. Students, however, have the opportunity to choose another between a few other - French, German or Russian. The excellent preparation of our students is proved by the large number of prices and first places at different competitions - national and international.

Traditional relationships between our school and the University exist as a kind of science preparations in different subjects and in our students art performances.

The following people at the Geo Milev English Language School have been involved in the SUPERCOMET 2 project:




Stefka Velichkova, M.Sc. Teacher