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University of Antwerp (BE)

University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp has built up a large experience in the field of science education at secondary schools. They have run successfully several projects in building bridges towards secondary schools. At http://webh01.ua.ac.be/focus/ the “Brugproject” uses new methods to motivate secondary school students as they are coming to the universities’ laboratories to carry out mind teasing experiments during a whole afternoon. The Edison project (sponsored by the Flemish Government, also approved for 2007-2008) aims at creative scientific initiatives/creations with possible commercial implications (in this project collaboration with different firms has been established) and the “Physics is cool - Experimenteerkit” (http://webh01.ua.ac.be/focus/Koffers/indexEng.htm ) is a European award winning (http://webh01.ua.ac.be/focus/Koffers/AwardEng.html) initiative in which more than 100 schools and 300 teachers got an experimental kit with small mind teasing experiments, accompanied with an in depth training in using these experiments in a class room situation. As partner of the SUPERCOMET 2 project they are mainly responsible for the Workpackage on the Teacher Seminar. The responsible for all these projects was Prof. J. Dirckx, while W. Peeters was project manager.

For MOSEM, professor N. Schryvers became responsible, W.Peeters still being project manager.




Prof. Joris Dirckx Project responsible SUPERCOMET2
Prof. N. Schryvers Project responsible MOSEM
Wim Peeters Project manager


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