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University of Ostrava (CZ)

Partner in the SUPERCOMET 2 project

The University of Ostrava was established on 28 September 1991. The foundations for the University had already been laid in 1953, when the Higher School of Education was opened in Opava to train teachers for years 5 to 8 (known as the ‘second stage’) of primary schools. At the same time the existing teacher training college in Ostrava was closed and teaching was consolidated in one institution, the Ostrava Pedagogical Institute, which was set up in 1959. In 1964 the Institute was awarded the status of an independent Faculty of Education and began to offer 4-year degrees for future primary school teachers. The employees of this new higher education institution began to participate in the academic and cultural life of both the Ostrava region and the country as a whole. A further impetus was given to the Faculty when 5-year degrees were introduced for future teachers of the next (‘third’) stage of schools.

The newly founded University of Ostrava drew on this rich tradition in order to provide higher education in the humanities, marking the culmination of long-term efforts to bring a more complete range of academic activity to this densely populated area in which technical and industrial education had previously received preferential treatment. The University provides higher education at its Faculties of Philosophy, Education, Science and its Medical-Social Faculty, as well as at its Institute for Artistic Studies. The degree programmes offered by the University include a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, follow-up Master’s and doctoral degrees.

The University includes two research institutes. The Institute for the Research and Application of Fuzzy Modelling focuses on the development of special mathematical methods, and the Institute for Regional Studies examines the literary tradition of Silesia and North Moravia, specialising in ethnic and sociological aspects of literature specific to the region.

The following people have been involved in the SUPERCOMET 2 project:




Erika Mechlova Management, Quality Assurance, Evaluation  
Libor Konicek Translation, Technical support, Evaluation  

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