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Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO)

Partner in the SUPERCOMET project

As Contractor of the SUPERCOMET project, NTNU has the legal and economical responsibility for the project. The Office of International Relations handles these responsibilities on behalf of NTNU.

The experienced administrators working at the Office of International Relations perform essential functions in the SUPERCOMET project. They handle contractual agreements, financial control and distribution of Leonardo funds to partners, as well as preparing project financial reports and taking care of the general project administration.

The Office of International Relations is a competency and service center for anyone at NTNU who are involved in international projects and activities. These are some of their responsibility areas:

  • Exchange students to and from NTNU
  • All international projects NTNU is involved in
  • Industrial Sponsor Agreements
  • The NORAD programme
  • Coordinator for the Erasmus/Socrates/LdV programmes (EU programmes)
  • International Master programs
  • Guest research scientists
  • The IAESTE programme

These people from the Office of International Relations at NTNU have been involved in the SUPERCOMET project:




Nina Moxnes Management, Project coordination, Administration  
Hilde Skeie Management, Administration  
Peter van Marion Management  
Sissel W. Mathiesen Consultant  
Eva Arntzen Research  
Hilde Woll Finances  
Torunn Haugrønning Finances  
Inger Beate Madsvåg Clerk  
Turid Steinberg Clerk  

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