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Zanichelli Editore SpA

Partner in the SUPERCOMET project

The production and dissemination partner Zanichelli assists in translating the other products into Italian, as well as developing the support material together with ITCS E. TOSI. In addition, Paolo Pissieri helps ITCS with developing the physics contents for the teacher guide and the multimedia application. Zanichelli aims to produce and distribute the resulting educational products for the Italian market.

Zanichelli editore is a traditional Italian publisher, formed in the early 19th century. Its main field is the educational publishing for the Italian upper- and lower-secondary schools but its catalogue also displays manifold reference and trade books. Specialized departments are devoted to Dictionaries, University texts and Law books and periodicals.

The scientific spectrum of publications has always been its primary concern since the first Italian translation of Darwin’s “Of the Origin of Species” in 1864. This tradition is followed nowadays by some successful and longselling titles, like Ugo Amaldi’s texts of Physics, which carries on the production of his father Edoardo, whose first book was written in 1952.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Zanichelli has signed agreements with big American publishers with the aim of importing into the Italian schools some revolutionary texts in the fields of Biology and Physics. Particularly in the field of Physics, Zanichelli is proud to publish Nobel-rewarded authors such as Enrico Fermi, R.P. Feynmann and Emilio Segrè.

In recent years, a new field of activity has been started with the production of multimedia CD-ROMs, mainly centered around physics.

These people at Zanichelli have been involved in the SUPERCOMET project:




Lorenzo Rossi Management  
Paolo Piseri, Dr. Contents, Research  
Roberto Vanzetto Contents  
Silvia Sfligiotti Technical Staff  
Gaberiella Protti Clerk  

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