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MOdelling and data acquisition for continuing vocational training of upper secondary school physics teachers in pupil-active learning of Superconductivity and ElectroMagnetism based on Minds-On Simple ExperiMents

Desarrollado a partir de los resultados del proyecto MOSEM así como de los proyectos previos SUPERCOMET 2 y SUPERCOMET, el proyecto MOSEM² está activo desde diciembre del 2008 a diciembre del 2010. Cuenta con una financiación de 300 000 € del programa Leonardo da Vinci /Aprendizaje continuo de la Unión Europea que se corresponde con el 61% del total del presupuesto de aproximadamente € 492 000.

The Challenge

A lack of competent science teachers, especially physics teachers, is part of a feedback loop that breeds negative associations to the subject of physics and also hinders recruitment of good candidates who can turn the trend. This situation is ongoing at both national and European levels, as has been documented by several studies and conferences in recent years.


The MOSEM² project promotes lifelong learning in physics and pedagogy for science teachers at the upper secondary level through offering a range of modelling tools based on existing commercial and non-profit solutions, as well as the outcomes of previous related Leonardo projects.

The tangible results of the MOSEM² project include new contents for an existing and internationally used electronic learning environment offered to participating schools and teachers. The new materials combine mathematical models, simulations and video analyses of simple thought-provoking tabletop experiments, supported by electronic and printed materials comprising additional videos, animations and text.

Specially developed teacher seminars allow participants to experience first-hand these resources as well as pedagogical methods for facilitating active learning, building on the outcomes of SUPERCOMET 2 and MOSEM. Additionally, MOSEM² will improve on the previous outcomes of SUPERCOMET 2 and MOSEM by adding a quantum-mechanical explanation of the physics behind superconductivity, courtesy of leading researchers in this exciting field of physics.

The MOSEM² project builds on the foundations of several collaborations in national and/or European projects, most recently the MOSEM and SUPERCOMET 2 projects, which are the direct sources of the ideas and the MOSEM² consortium. The partnership behind the project proposal consists of leading European physics educators with a proven track record of collaboration in previous projects, as well as being frequent contributors at international conferences for physics education. Several partners have had presidencies or international scientific advisory capacities of international organisations like GIREP, MPTL and ESERA

Current status

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Leonardo da Vinci

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