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Trondheim Cathedral School (NO)

Partner in the SUPERCOMET 2 project

A partner school in Norway, Katedralskolen cooperates in the testing of the teacher seminar, teacher guide and multimedia application.

Trondheim Katedralskole (Trondheim Cathedral School) is a modern public upper secondary school situated in down-town Trondheim, with more than 600 students aged 16 - 19. Its closest neighbour is Nidarosdomen (the Cathedral of Trondheim), which derives its name from the ancient name of Trondheim, Nidaros.

The Cathedral School was founded around 1030 A.D. as a school for the monks who belonged to the cathedral. It is definitely the oldest school in Norway, and many renowned Norwegian were once students here. The school library was founded by Soeren Peder Kleist, headmaster from 1765 to 1781.

The following people at Katedralskolen have been involved in the SUPERCOMET 2 project:




Anne Lise Drege Administration  
Randi Wiktil Administration  
Helge Ræder Administration, Contents, Translation, Testing  
Knut Bodsberg Contents, Translation, Testing  
Carl-Axel Husberg Contents, Testing  

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