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Project family

The SUPERCOMET Family of Leonardo Projects constitute a coherent approach for improving continuous vocational training (in-service and preservice) teacher training on a European level. The structure is described in the diagram below.

Projects approved for funding

So far we have successfully secured funding for four consecutive projects, SUPERCOMET (2001-2004) , SUPERCOMET 2 (2004-2007) , MOSEM (2007-2010) and MOSEMĀ² (2008-2010) , with community support for each project amounting to around 500 kEUR, 400 kEUR, 300 kEUR and 300 kEUR, respectively.

Future projects

Currently we are planning to submit a new project proposal building on the previous projects: SUPERCOMET 3 (2011-2013). This project will focus on dissemination, implementation and valorisation of the results developed in the first four projects. If you are interested in participating in this work, please contact us.

Leonardo da Vinci

These projects have been funded with support from the European Commission.

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