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The main products or deliverables to come out of the project:

Teacher seminar

The main project result, a one-day in-service training seminar for physics teachers, aimed at updating their competence and develop a more modern teaching style, focusing on superconductivity and the use of ICT in physics teaching.

Learning application

An example of good quality ICT materials for use in physics teaching, combining graphics, animations and networking to make selected parts of the physics curriculum in upper secondary school more interesting and accessible.

Teacher guide

This provides information about using the computer application and the hands-on materials, as well as lesson plans, curricula, learning objectives and other relevant issues.

Classroom poster

The module about the History of Superconductivity was presented in a wall poster in order to help popularize the topic of superconductivity.


This is an internal development and collaboration tool for the partnership.


This website is meant for dissemination of the project results.

Online community

A prototype of the online community “Physible” has been developed as a tool for empowering teachers, providing a forum for networking, sharing teaching materials and ideas. This needs further development and is expected to be followed up in a future project.

National reference groups

In each partner country, academic, political and industrial contacts in each partner country will be established for dissemination purposes and peer review of products.

Hands-on kits

A list of quality experiments and learning activities with materials that are not commonly used in upper secondary schools was developed, and this led to the MOSEM project.