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The following products were developed by the SUPERCOMET Project and translated in 4 different languages (English, Italian, Norwegian and Slovene):

  • A computer application with e-learning modules using animations and text to explain electromagnetism and superconductivity physics
  • A printed teacher guide with learning objectives, relevant curricula and teaching activities linked to the computer application
  • An A2 poster on "The History of Superconductivity" connecting to the computer application (English only)
  • A teacher seminar integrating the use of ICT (both as a learning resource, exemplified by the computer application, and as a tool for data acquisition, analysis and presentation of results) in science teaching with new and traditional hands-on activities as well as existing textbooks


The teacher seminar and guide were both extensively tested and reviewed throughout the project – a significant number of teachers in the partner countries have experienced and provided feedback on different versions of the seminar and guide. The computer application was subjected to usability testing with teachers and pupils. Test reports and expert reviews from the development process as well as the usability test report will be carried over to the follow up project.


The project was disseminated at the annual conferences and workshops of two of the leading communities for physics educators in Europe – GIREP (International Group for Research in Physics Education) and MPTL (International Group for Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning), establishing a firm link to these networks and other EU projects (including the ePhys project in the Leonardo programme and the INSPIRE project in the 6th Framework Programme) leading to the follow up project SUPERCOMET 2 .


The project was concluded with a Final Conference hosted by the project Contractor NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Trondheim, Norway. Reference group members (physics educators involved with teacher training and curriculum planning) from universities in 15 European countries were invited along with the project partners and the Norwegian Ministry of Education. Many Norwegian upper secondary school physics teachers also attended the Final Conference and the SUPERCOMET teacher seminar, organized with the Norwegian National Centre for Science Education.

Universities in the 4 partner countries have been involved with development and testing of the teacher seminar in order to disseminate and test the materials and resources developed through the project. These universities will include the results in their physics teacher training programmes in the future.

A reasonable conclusion is that the SUPERCOMET project has had a significant impact on teachers and physics teaching in the partner countries, as well as on teacher training practices and the physics education community in Europe, through the established networks and dissemination.

ePhys 2002-2004

The ePhys project seeks to promote European cooperation among teachers, learners, and researchers on an effective use of ICT in the teaching of Physics.