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National reference groups were set up for valorisation purposes, and these reference groups are carried on into the MOSEM project. Project Contractor Simplicatus AS has brought the deliverables into the MOSEM project for further testing and development.

Here you can download some documents related to the project:




SUPERCOMET Teacher Guide


SUPERCOMET Teacher Seminar - overview


SUPERCOMET Learning Application - version 3


SUPERCOMET Learning Application - version 4 - online

SUPERCOMET Online Application


Valorisation of materials

Teacher Training institutions might wish to adopt and adapt the Teacher Seminar for using in their regular activities - preservice or in-service teacher training. Schools might wish to use the learning materials - Teacher Guide and Online Learning Application with e-modules.

Please contact the project management for more files, if you are interested in dissemination of the SUPERCOMET 2 materials:

SUPERCOMET 2 Contractor - Simplicatus AS
supercomet [AT]


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