Hjem / SUPERCOMET 2 / Objectives


The main goals of the project were to:

  • Expand the international partnership from the SUPERCOMET project with competence related to the renewal of physics teaching across Europe
  • Disseminate the SUPERCOMET results through this pan-European .partnership, through translation and adaptation of the produced materials to local languages and curricula.
  • Try out the computer application, teacher guide and teacher seminar on a wider scale than what was possible in SUPERCOMET.
  • Further develop and improve the materials from the SUPERCOMET project, specifically developing more contents for the computer application, teacher guide and teacher seminar.
  • Develop new materials to supplement the existing ones (hands-on experimental kits with explanations, new modules about superconductivity).
  • Provide a positive contribution to physics education in Europe with materials and activities that are used during the project, and marketed immediately after the project is completed.
  • Expand and strengthen the connections set up during the SUPERCOMET project with organizations for physics educators, researchers in physics education, as well as curriculum authorities and policy makers.
  • Increase the competence of European physics teachers in relation to contemporary physics and modern pedagogical methods.