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Online Learning Application

The Online Learning Application developed in SUPERCOMET has been further developed in SUPERCOMET 2 and contains a number of different modules covering the topics of electromagnetism and superconductivity, available in several languages. Text, animations, photos, videos are accompanied by a glossary of physics terms and frequently asked questions. The search function finds relevant materials, and users can also report any bugs orrequest updates through a context-based feedback form.

Minds-On Kits

The results of the MOSEM project will be published on a separate website when
they are ready. These materials will include electronic support materials and
information on where the commercial versions of the Minds-On Kits can be
purchased once this development project has finished the testing and
evaluation of the prototypes that are to be prepared for trials within the

NOTE: Currently this URL redirects to this project webpage.


Further links for project partners

The following links are password protected and can only be accessed by the
project partners:


The project intranet is the key tool for organising the collaboration. It contains News, Task management, File Repository and links to the Forum, the Admin for the Online Learning Application and to this webpage.

Discussion Forum

The discussion forum currently (unfortunately) requires a separate login from the rest of the Intranet, this is something we will try to change in the future. All project collaboration is discussed here, including the Internal Calendar which lists all project events for the project partners.

Administration of e-modules

The Online Learning Application currently contains 9 e-modules covering Superconductivity and Electromagnetism, connected with the High-Tech and Low-Tech Minds-On Kits developed in MOSEM. Partners can access the administration interface here:

Administration of project webpage

In order to log into the administration interface for this webpage, please click "Login" in the top right corner of this page.