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Final Report

The Final Report was submitted on 2008-02-13 by the Project Contractor to the Norwegian National Agency. It is currently under review for approval and final payment of the remaining 30% of the total funding.


Testing and evaluation

The SUPERCOMET 2 project tested and evaluated the materials developed in the SUPERCOMET project - interactive animations, text and video presenting electromagnetism and superconductivity with an accompanying teacher guide and a teacher seminar. An evaluation report based on feedback from more than 2500 students, 250 teachers and 250 teacher students from more than 65 schools in 13 countries is available. The materials were translated and adapted for use in 14 European countries. The evaluation reports from each country were summarized by the Project Evaluator, the Institute of Education at the University of London, UK in a consolidated evaluation report.


Updated learning materials

Based on this testing and evaluation, the materials were expanded and updated according to the results during 2006 and 2007.

  • The new version of the learning application is available online at online.supercomet.no .
  • The teacher guide was expanded from 30 to 70 pages, including a new chapter on superconductivity for teachers.
  • The teacher seminar was expanded from 1 full day to 4 half-day modules, covering use of the learning application with the teacher guide, hands-on activities, different practical and useful teaching methods for organizing pupil-active learning, and online networking with other teachers for the purpose of disseminating the project results and increase the impact.

Gender equality

One of the aims of the project was to contribute to improve the quality of genders in science education. The University of Murcia worked out a report regarding this topic based on extensive studies, and presented it at the project meeting in Murcia in May 2007. So far this report is only available in Spanish.


Dissemination and impact

The project was disseminated at annual conferences and workshops of two of the leading communities for physics educators in Europe – GIREP (International Group for Research in Physics Education) and MPTL (International Group for Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning), continuing and affirming the good relations with these networks. It should also be noted that both GIREP and MPTL changed their president/chairman during the project period of SUPERCOMET 2, and both the new leaders were also among the SUPERCOMET 2 partners. Additionally our partnership comprised members of several national curriculum committees and scientific advisory committees.

The Dutch partner AMSTEL presented the project for a curriculum review board considering whether to include superconductivity in the regular physics curriculum in the Netherlands. In Norway the project results will be published on the national site for science learning materials, and similar initiatives are also expected in other partner countries.


Take a look at the materials developed in the SUPERCOMET 2 project.


Follow-up project: MOSEM

Finally, the project developed specifications for hands-on materials demonstrating and measuring phenomena related to superconductivity and electromagnetism. In combination with the discussions in the partnership this lead directly to the MOSEM project.