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AMSTEL Institute (NL)

Partner in the SUPERCOMET 2 project

The AMSTEL Institute is part of the Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The Institute is engaged in the innovation, research and development in mathematics and science education at all levels ranging from primary schools to universities.

To this end, educational tools principally based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are produced.
Tools like these are expected to bring about a small revolution in teaching and learning.

The AMSTEL Institute has a strong research and development program in the field of educational ICT applications. The staff of approximately 35 people forms a unique multi-disciplinary team of hard- and software experts, tuition specialists, teacher trainers and researchers. The projects currently undertaken reflect the wide range of the expertise: from elementary school to university level, from Mathematics (computer algebra, graph theory, logic), Chemistry (micro scale laboratory) to Technology (Control Technology). The AMSTEL Institute is located in a facility in the Scientific and Technology Center Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam, a high-tech environment with e.g. facilities for High Performance Computing and Virtual Reality.

Digital interactive video technology is an important step towards more realistic teaching as it offers students tangible phenomena to study. All these possibilities help to realize modern education with emphasis on active learning by the students. This is widely seen as vital for a deeper understanding and an improved motivation in the learning process.

The need for education is growing fast in our high-tech and rapidly developing world. We are just at the beginning of exploring the possibilities of the World Wide Web to meet these demands. But the challenge is there: can we create high quality education delivered by Internet? Is it possible to offer Remote Labs in education?

Internationally the work of the AMSTEL Institute is widely recognized. The educational software developed by the AMSTEL Institute, IP-Coach, has been translated to more then 15 languages and is applied in a growing number of countries worldwide. Long-term partnerships have been established with leading companies in (educational) technologies: Texas Instruments, LegoDacta and IBM.

The following people at AMSTEL have been involved in the SUPERCOMET 2 project:




Peter Uylings Project contact Netherlands
Frank Schweickert Scientific, physlets, animations

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